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Fortune Teller Earrings 

I have less then a month to prepare for Halloween! I am busy buying and fixing to get everythig ready for October first. Unfortunately, I will only be in school the last two weeks of Halloween so I won’t get to wear all of Halloween jewelry unless I double up, which I do not like to do. Yet, I am still making more…

Here’s how I made my fortune teller earrings. 

I started with gold buttons, which I lightly painted red with acrylic paint, some gold hands I found in the jewelry making secrion, and fish hook earrings. 

I simply took jewelry wire and slipped it through the ring on the hands and the holes in the button. 

Twisted it right and here we are! 

I put a price of wire through the fish hook earring base and slipped a few black seed beads on both sides of wire. I wrapped those through the holes in the button and twisted that closed. Cut off all the extra and ta da! 


Happy Haunting!


Mermaid Scales

Interested in adding a little beachy charm to your Halloween apothecary display? Try some mermaid scales! 

I started with an empty bottle (mine was for hair spritz), dried hydrangea flowers, twine, a wood ball, seashells, and silver distress spray.  

First I took the label off of the bottle and rinsed the inside and outside. I then left it to dry.  

After, I picked all of the petals off the flowers. I used scissors to separate them from the whole and then picked off each individual petal.   

Next, I sprayed the petals with the distress spray. After they dried, I mixed them around and sprayed them again.   

I then filled the bottle, glued in a label I found on Pinterest, put glue on the top of the bottle and wrapped the twine around it. I glued on the little wood ball and wrapped the twine right up to the edge of the ball. 

Finally, I glued the shell to another price of twine and tied it to the top of the bottle. I also put some white glue on the back to faux frost the glass. It seemed a little too bright and clear. 

Here it is all finished. I think it will look great next to my jellyfish stingers!      


Costumes of the Past

Here are several of the Halloween costumes I have made over the past few years.

Marie Antoinette 2011 and 2012


Mrs Lovett 2014


Fortune Teller 2015

12190815_1020087871345574_2405803781055156628_n.jpgThis year I am wearing Mrs. Lovett again. I had to reconstruct the Mrs. Lovett costume because it got too big and was falling off my shoulders! I will post it as soon as it is finished!

Halloween 2015

Last year I made several apothecary-style jars filled with creepy things like spiders and black lagoon water. Before I start posting what I am creating this year, I thought I would show what I already have on my potions table!

11225450_1005012952853066_9066515564478604831_n.jpg From left to right: Grave Dirt, Jellyfish Stingers, Swamp Water, Deadly Night Shade

My grave dirt is simply dirt from my backyard. The jar originally held caramel sauce. I found the label on pinterest and distressed it with distress spray from the craft store found in the paper crafts section. I lightly painted the jar with green and brown acrylic paint.

The jellyfish stingers are made from strips of hot glue. I took wax paper and made lines of glue with the hot glue gun. I then peeled them off of the wax paper put them in the jar and filled it with water. I put a tiny bit of yellow food coloring into the jar as well because clear water was too bright. The jar was originally a jar of salsa.

The deadly night shade is simply the seed pods of some long-dead flowers in my back yard.I lightly painted this jar as well.

The swamp water is by far my favorite of all the creepy things I have created. I started with some high-fructose corn syrup. I dyed that greenish black with food coloring and poured it into the bottom of the jar. I then took some water and dyed it green with food coloring. I carefully poured the water into the remainder of the space in the jar. It is difficult to tell in the picture but it was easy to see how the bottom of the jar had something thicker in it than the top.

I also had some spiders in jars and put some cotton spider web over the whole thing to make it look a bit more creepy.

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