Haley Haunting

something wicked this way comes

Skulls and Roses

  • Cheap frame
  • Black and white paint
  • Red roses
  • Cheap skull

I pulled the mirror out of the frame because I just wanted the frame and I painted it black. I lightly brushed on a coat of very dark grey to give it more dimension. I cut the back off the skull I got from Walmart for about $4. (PSA: be glad I am not a brain surgeon because I butchered the back of that skull.) I got glued the skull and roses to the back part of the frame. I am going to hang it in my entryway! 



Halloween Table

I got started on my table today. It’s the first year I have full reign over my space and I plan to use up every bit of space. I have bright yellow chairs so I want to stay with a Nightmare Before Christmas theme using black, white, and yellow. I plan to use symmetrical and asymmetrical lines. Here is my candlestick, table runner, and my new vase.   

Creepy Lanterns 

  • Glass jar 
  • Creepy cloth
  • Dryer lint
  • Twine
  • Acrylic paint- red, yellow, green, gray, brown
  • Glue

First I painted the glass jar to look dirty and a little bloody. I put the red lines on the inside and some of the brown and yellow paint mixed. I brushed lightly the brown/yellow mix, brown, and green on the outside. 

Over the opening I cut and stretched some creepy cloth I got at the dollar store. 

The mossy stuff is dryer lint mixed with brown and green paint which I simply glued onto the rim of the jar and a bit around the creepy cloth. 

I tied it all up with twine to hang it. All together, I took about 5 minutes to make it. 

P.S. I love that my friends feed my Halloween addiction and have promised me more jars to make as many as I can! 

Spider Jar

Spider charm



Glass jar

Simple spider apothecary jar! 

Queen of Hearts Costume Continued 

Progress if being made on my 2017 costume! 

The bustle is coming along reall well! I am about to start on part 2 the long skirt! 

Wire Web

I saw a cute little Burton-inspired spider web on Pinterest and thought I would try my hand at one. I made mine from florist wire and black acrylic paint. 

I’m not the best with wire but I kinda like the not so perfect look! 

I started by drawing out what I wanted it to look like so I could get an idea of how long all the pieces needed to be.

I wrapped 2-3 pieces of the wire together for the main structure of the web. Then I wrapped all of them together at one end. 

I use a single piece of the wire to make the other lines. I wrapped them twice around the main structure to keep them equidistant. 

Painted with actrylic paint (my wire was silver and I wanted it black). 

Finished! A lovely, creepy, little web! 

I Couldn’t Wait…

I started to put the pieces together despite the fact that I have nine days… 


Halloween 2016

I realized I never posted from last Halloween. Here’s my apothecary piano and my school Halloween costume. This teacher is batty!   


Ten Days

As a teacher and Halloween lover, I dedicate a lot of my summer hours to perfecting my hauntings. In ten days the school year will be over and I can crash into the start of my Halloween season in full force. I may of may not have jumped the gun a little bit, though. I’m currently working my way through the design for a potential costume, the queen of hearts. It’s my own design but I borrowed lots of ideas from around the web. Here’s the sketch and here’s to may hours of successful work and few hours of ripping seams!  

P.S. Ignore the list of names off to the side. I started sketching while I working on something else!  


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