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Spider Jar

Spider charm



Glass jar

Simple spider apothecary jar! 

Queen of Hearts Costume Continued 

Progress if being made on my 2017 costume! 

The bustle is coming along reall well! I am about to start on part 2 the long skirt! 

Wire Web

I saw a cute little Burton-inspired spider web on Pinterest and thought I would try my hand at one. I made mine from florist wire and black acrylic paint. 

I’m not the best with wire but I kinda like the not so perfect look! 

I started by drawing out what I wanted it to look like so I could get an idea of how long all the pieces needed to be.

I wrapped 2-3 pieces of the wire together for the main structure of the web. Then I wrapped all of them together at one end. 

I use a single piece of the wire to make the other lines. I wrapped them twice around the main structure to keep them equidistant. 

Painted with actrylic paint (my wire was silver and I wanted it black). 

Finished! A lovely, creepy, little web! 

I Couldn’t Wait…

I started to put the pieces together despite the fact that I have nine days… 


Halloween 2016

I realized I never posted from last Halloween. Here’s my apothecary piano and my school Halloween costume. This teacher is batty!   


Ten Days

As a teacher and Halloween lover, I dedicate a lot of my summer hours to perfecting my hauntings. In ten days the school year will be over and I can crash into the start of my Halloween season in full force. I may of may not have jumped the gun a little bit, though. I’m currently working my way through the design for a potential costume, the queen of hearts. It’s my own design but I borrowed lots of ideas from around the web. Here’s the sketch and here’s to may hours of successful work and few hours of ripping seams!  

P.S. Ignore the list of names off to the side. I started sketching while I working on something else!  



The other day, I bought a package of plastic rubbery bats. They are so freaking cute! They are small and have tiny cute faces like a little hamster! I cannot wait to put them in my classroom!  I know I have way too much Halloween stuff… Wait is that really a thing? Anyway, I cannot stop buying more! Now that I have an adult job it makes purchasing trivial things so much easier. Hey! If buying Halloween decorations makes me as happy as it does, why shouldn’t I! 

Vampire Blood 

Blood is a Halloween favorite so I decided to add some to my collection. I just finished the jar for it.  

I started with twine and this beat jar I got for half off at the Hobby Lobby. I wrapped the twine around the neck of the jar and tacky glued it to its self in the back. I cut the little skull and cross bones off of a cheep dollar store necklace and glued them on the front. I made the gory tag with craft paper. I painted food coloring on for the blood and distressed it with Tim Holtz walnut distress dauber. 

Closer to October, I will fill the bottle with corn syrup and red food coloring. The jar has a rubber stopper which I like for liquids because it won’t spill on the piano I keep my apothecary on. 

Here it is! 

Happy Haunting!


Eyeball Bracelet

One of the most simple accessories I have put together is my eyeball bracelet. In fact, the only thing I had to do was add the clasp. The eyes came as a string of beads right from the store. I simply made it wrap around my wrist. I love it because it is simple and people often do not realize they are eyeballs right away.  Simple and creepy! It doesn’t get much better! 

Happy Haunting!


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